Estate Planning Isn’t Just For The Elderly

Long-Term Care Planning And Creating A Will In New York

Nobody knows what life has planned, which is why creating a will is one of the most crucial parts of making sure your family is taken care of in the event of your untimely passing. While many people feel as though it’s morbid or upsetting to consider what happens after death, the truth is that completing these steps early can help ease the burden on your loved ones and make their transition into a future without someone they care about much easier.

At Enea, Scanlan & Sirignano, LLP, our wills, trusts and estates lawyers are dedicated to helping clients around the Winchester County area with a variety of elder law issues including long-term care planning and nursing home selection. We also assist those of all ages in the creation of simple and complex wills, the creation of trusts and much more.

Finding A Lawyer In New York To Assist With Estate Planning

Putting together a will can sometimes be a bit overwhelming, which is why we are here to help. We can assist you in creating a plan that addresses a variety of different facets of estate planning, including final wishes, the division of assets, financial planning and more. Our team can also provide guidance on related topics, such as:

It is also important to note that it does not matter how simple or complex the requirements of your will are or your age. The right time to discuss your future is now, which is why we assist those as young as their 20s all the way through those who have already retired. Our team is extremely experienced in assisting with all types of estate planning and can walk you through the appropriate steps to ensure your concerns are addressed appropriately.

White Plains Attorney Assisting With Simple And Complex Wills

Our Enea, Scanlan & Sirignano, LLP team truly cares about our clients. We have helped many people throughout Westchester County and beyond create simple and complex wills that are tailored directly to their individual needs

If you’re ready to start discussing your estate, give us a call at 914-269-2367 or fill out our online contact form here. It’s never too early—or too late—to start planning for the future. With offices in White Plains and Somers, New York, we serve the greater Westchester County area.

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