Estate Planning Isn’t Just For The Elderly

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The Responsibilities Of A Guardian

As our loved ones and friends get older, their ability to take care of themselves can worsen. When illness or injury keeps someone we care about from taking care of themselves altogether, the appointment of a legal guardian may be necessary. Before you seek to appoint yourself or someone else as a guardian, you should be sure you know what a guardian can do to help their ward (the person a guardian is responsible for).

At Enea, Scanlan & Sirignano, LLP, we have been representing clients in all matters of estate planning and elder law for decades. Our services also include seeking guardianship for people who need extra help looking after their best interests.

How Does A Guardian Help?

The legal authority a guardian has over a ward can provide the ward with the safety net they need in their lives. A guardian has the authority to act in ways that support the care, custody or control of the ward. A few of the guardian’s responsibilities include:

  • The legal authority for decision-making – A guardian can sign legal documents on behalf of the ward, represent the ward through legal proceedings and advocate on their behalf.
  • Financial management – A guardian is responsible for paying the ward’s bills, managing their assets and generally overseeing all of the ward’s financial matters.
  • Managing personal care needs – A guardian is also responsible for taking care of the ward’s health needs, basic needs and other issues of well-being.
  • Record-keeping – A proper guardian will also document the details of their ward’s care, including financial expenses, health developments and other critical factors of the ward’s life.

When a person is intellectually or developmentally disabled and over the age of 18 in New York, a guardian may be necessary to manage these and other aspects of the ward’s life. We can help you legally appoint a guardian to ensure the ward has the care they need.

We Can Address Your Guardianship Needs

Whether you are the parent of a minor with disabilities or you know someone who could benefit from a guardian, we can help you. Contact our office in White Plains by calling 914-269-2367 or emailing us here. We look forward to helping you with your guardianship needs.

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