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Spousal Refusal And Medicaid

When facing the huge cost of nursing home care in Westchester County and metropolitan New York — which can range from $385 to $475 per day — the spouse of an applicant for Medicaid has the option of refusing to make available his or her income and savings to support his or her spouse.

Trying To Qualify For Medicaid? “Spousal Refusal” Is An Important Option.

Thankfully, married New York state residents have another option available to them: spousal refusal. Briefly, spousal refusal allows the spouse of the one applying for Medicaid to “refuse” to pay for that spouse’s nursing home care or home care.

For many couples who were married later in life, for whom this marriage is a second or third one or for those couples who kept their assets separate throughout their marriage, the spousal refusal provision may be an agreeable option.

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Questions About Medicaid And Spousal Refusal? We Can Help.

All the costs — emotional, financial, social, etc. — must be carefully weighed when considering your options, especially Spousal Refusal.

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