Estate Planning Isn’t Just For The Elderly

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Frequently Asked Questions About Elder Care Planning

When working to secure your future and planning for financial stability later in life, our elder law attorneys know that if you or someone you love is aging, there can be a lot of questions. Our estate planning and elder law attorneys at Enea, Scanlan & Sirignano, LLP, in White Plains have been helping clients in south-central New York state plan for the future for decades. Here, our lawyers answer some of the most commonly asked questions about planning for elder care.

If I have to go into a nursing home, how will I pay for it?

Everyone’s financial circumstances are different. For those who are eligible, Medicaid can be an option. Our experienced elder law attorneys can help you assess your financial situation and provide advice on some of the best options for you. They can advise you with respect to how to plan for Medicaid and help you make sure that your assets and wealth are protected.

Who can make decisions for me if I can’t make them for myself?

Our estate plan lawyers can help you draft any necessary health care directives and powers of attorney. Our experienced attorneys can help make sure that your assets and wealth will be protected with a power of attorney for important financials and accounts or through a living trust.

I am noticing some changes in an elderly loved one and I am concerned about their mental health. What should I do?

Realizing that a spouse or parent is showing signs of dementia can be overwhelming. Also, as our loved ones age, the stress from big life transitions like retirement or bereavement due to losing a spouse or friend, can trigger mental health issues like depression, anxiety and chemical dependency. Our elder law attorneys have experience navigating elderly mental health challenges and can advise you with respect to preparing guardianships if dementia is a concern.

How can I protect my parents from elder financial abuse?

The elderly are frequent targets of scans designed to perpetrate fraud and identify theft. If they are open to it offer to help monitor their accounts and emails for any suspicious activity. You can also make sure that they have a power of attorney for financial decisions in place with someone who is trustworthy.

Did I do enough to prepare for my future?

Everyone has a different financial portfolio and different goals. Those goals can also change over time. Our experienced estate planning attorneys at Enea, Scanlan & Sirignano, LLP, can evaluate your estate plan to make sure everything is in place. Our elder law attorneys can assess your goals and needs and help you make adjustments to your planning strategy if necessary.

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