Estate Planning Isn’t Just For The Elderly

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What You Need To Know About Paying For A Nursing Home

Are you concerned about having enough money to pay for nursing home care, final expenses and your family after your passing? Finding a safe and caring nursing home for yourself or someone you care about is only a small piece of the long-term planning puzzle. It is also important to effectively strategize how to pay for care when the time comes — including navigating the use of Medicaid and other financial alternatives.

Our knowledgeable team at Enea, Scanlan & Sirignano, LLP, is dedicated to helping Westchester County residents solve these types of issues and more. We represent clients facing many different kinds of elder law issues including those involving wills, trusts, estates, special needs planning and other related matters.

Long-Term Care Planning With A Trusted White Plains Attorney

When many people consider the process of retirement, few think about the finances involved in paying for a nursing home or other rehabilitation facility. The truth is that Medicaid has a limit as to how much they will actually pay for nursing home care, so it is crucial to make alternative arrangements as far ahead of time as possible. As dedicated New York attorneys, we can assist with a variety of factors including:

  • Understanding Medicaid coverage and payments
  • Selecting potential nursing home facilities
  • Determining how to pay for Medical care costs
  • Creation of wills and trusts

Our high level of expertise in this area allows us to effectively assist our clients in planning for their futures in a smart and considerate fashion. We are highly skilled and can help you plan for nearly every aspect of your retirement — including those you may not have considered or don’t have the expertise to coordinate.

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How will you pay for a nursing home when the time comes? Working with a lawyer skilled in long-term care planning is the first step in ensuring peace of mind for yourself and your loved ones as you near your senior years. At Enea, Scanlan & Sirignano, LLP, our compassionate attorneys have over a century of combined experience — and we’re happy to share that experience with you.

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