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What are some positive traits for an executor to have?

On Behalf of | Jul 20, 2023 | Blog, Estate Planning, Wills & Trusts

As your search for the right person to be your executor continues, you may have a few possible options in mind. When choosing between different people, it can benefit you to think of traits that will help this person to fulfill the job of executor.

Learning about what makes a good executor is one way to make sure this person can deal with the courts and your beneficiaries.

Patience and the right attitude

According to Kiplinger, the distance between your home and your executor’s home may not mean much if they are willing to work online. Beyond that, you should also make sure they have a willing attitude when it comes to discussing tough topics with beneficiaries, such as who will get certain items and heirlooms.

Being able to break this news requires an unbiased and polite person. Since some beneficiaries may have questions or react poorly during this time, your executor needs to be able to keep the peace and avoid arguments.

Willingness to handle legal documents

A large part of this role revolves around an executor paying your debts off with money from your estate and dealing with the courts. Staying organized with a record-keeping system and making sure all of the assets get to the right people and places is key during this time.

If your executor is willing to work with real estate, assets and the details of a will, then they may feel comfortable in this role. Learning more about what this person feels about this job and if they are ready for it can give you an answer.