Estate Planning Isn’t Just For The Elderly

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Why you should have an advance directive as a young adult

On Behalf of | Jan 17, 2023 | Estate Planning

The unforeseen can befall anyone at any time, regardless of age or youth. Many young adults and new parents acknowledge this and prepare for the unexpected by starting an estate plan early in life, but some of them overlook the importance of having an advance directive as well.

An advance care directive is a legal document outlining the type of medical care or treatment you want in the event that an illness or injury incapacitated you or otherwise renders you unable to voice your decisions. By understanding more about how an advance directive can benefit young adults as well as older individuals, you can make the best decision regarding when to start your medical planning.

At what age should you start your advance directive?

Putting an advance directive into place as soon as possible is a prudent decision. Just as many parents start estate planning when their children are born in order to ensure the livelihood of their new families, this can also be a great opportunity to create an advance medical directive. It truly is never too soon to start planning for potential health issues, even for young adults who are still in their early twenties.

Can you update your advance directive later in life?

Just as with most estate planning documents, you have the freedom to revise your advance directive whenever you wish. With an advance directive already in place, it is relatively easy to make changes as new circumstances arise regarding your health or medical needs.

Advance care planning and matters of estate go hand-in-hand. While these types of issues are easy to put off until later in life, making preparations early on can reduce hardship for both yourself and your family.