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How do you choose a care facility?

On Behalf of | Jan 6, 2023 | Long-Term Care

Long-term care often comes with a variety of useful aids that can help adults who need assistance getting through daily life. Amenities can include physical, speech or occupational therapy, three meals a day, or even 24-hour supervision.

Choosing a care facility is often a difficult choice for people to make. How do you know which facility will provide the best experience for your loved one?

Know what care your loved one needs

The National Institute on Aging discusses choosing a care facility. Some of the top tips involve basic advice like researching the facilities and actually visiting them.

First, consider what your loved one needs. Then, hit the internet and find any facilities that serve these needs. Consider medical needs as well as personal needs, such as if a family member wants to stay near their loved ones or if they have certain religious needs.

Compare and research

Do the footwork to find places that suit these needs and then dig into their reviews. Talk to other families who have a family member in the facility, if possible. Talk with the staff. Compare places and write all of this information down.

Next, actually visit the facility. See what it looks like first-hand. See if the residents appear to be happy and comfortable. Check the cleanliness and accessibility accommodations. Talk to the nursing director and director. Ask any questions you can think of and measure the responses with care.

Finally, once you have a contract, make sure to read it carefully. Sometimes, underhanded places will attempt to write unfavorable terms hidden in their contracts, and you do not want to get caught off guard.