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What is a letter of instruction?

On Behalf of | Oct 6, 2022 | Special Needs Trusts

A major concern for many parents of children with special needs is what their children will do when they are no longer around to help.

More than establishing a trust, writing a letter of intention or instruction can help ensure that a child gets the exact care they need.

Use of letters of intent

The University of Massachusetts discusses a letter of intent for a special needs individual. The first thing to note is that this is not a legal document. It is a written guide intended for use by the trustee or the caretaker looking after a child with special needs.

This letter provides information on the sort of care that a parent expects their child to receive. This can include describing how a child’s condition limits their abilities, describing the disability itself, and providing information on any medications or treatments the child uses or needs.

Providing personal information

This is also the place to provide details about a child’s schedule and routine. These are very important factors in the lives of many kids, but especially the lives of those with special needs.

Additionally, this is where a parent may write about what their child enjoys doing. This can include hobbies and activities, where they like to go, if they react poorly to certain words or tones and anything that they do not like or have fears about.

It is also where a parent should list contact information for people they can reach out to if they need a little extra help. This can include relatives, friends, other caretakers – for example, lawn maintenance people – and medical personnel.