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Can you help your parents adjust to a nursing home?

On Behalf of | Mar 18, 2022 | Long-Term Care, Long-term Care Planning

A nursing home in New York may provide the most fitting solution to your aging parents’ health care needs. However, they may show some apprehension about transitioning to a care facility.

Your involvement can not only provide your parents with comfort and reassurance but also improve the likelihood of a positive experience. Here are some things you can do to facilitate adjustment and make their new residence feel like home.

Personalize the space

Just because your parents no longer live at home does not mean their new space has to feel foreign and temporary. Some things you can do to brighten, enliven and enrich the space include the following:

  • Incorporate personal photos, drawings from grandchildren and favorite decor from home
  • Purchase some comfy bedding and bring a special blanket from home for comfort
  • Use a lamp to add a cozy touch and bring light into the room

Making the space as personalized and comfy as possible may help your parents feel excited about their new home. While you help them arrange their space, keep in mind to remove any hazards to prevent the risks of fall-related injuries.

Schedule visits

Encourage your parents to participate in facility-sponsored social activities. According to AgingCare, allow your parents time to adjust to the nursing home. Do not expect them to eagerly want to participate in everything right away. However, over time, you can inform them about events happening at the facility that you think they may have an interest in attending.

Make visits a regular and anticipated event. Establish a visitation routine. Discuss with your parents how frequently they want visits. Despite the new living arrangements, involve your parents in family events so they have exciting things to look forward to.

Highlighting the potential of a thorough long-term care plan may encourage your parents to take the next step in their future. With adequate planning and support, they can continue to enjoy life to its fullest.