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Long-term care for your veteran parent

On Behalf of | Feb 9, 2022 | Elder Law

If you have an aging parent who needs quality care, it is important to look at all available resources. Long-term care can be costly, but if your parent is a military veteran, you may be able to circumvent some of these costs.

Whether you are looking at nursing homes or at-home care providers, the Department of Veterans Affairs may be able to help your parent in significant ways. Looking at the options may give you an idea of where your loved one stands.

Disability compensation

Your parent is eligible for special funding if he or she has incurred a disability from active duty. The Housebound Aid and Attendance Allowance Program can cover the costs of personal assistance, nursing facilities and other long-term care services. The funds would go on top of your parent’s pension benefits, which means that it may also help your parent’s surviving spouse.

General help

Perhaps your parent is a veteran but does not suffer from a service-related condition. The VA can still help if your parent cannot afford the care he or she needs. Your parent’s income will determine co-pay coverage, but any funding can still make a big difference. The Veteran Directed Care program not only supplies veterans with a flexible budget but the opportunity to choose their own care providers. Also, a counselor will be available to help with planning.

Now might be the right time for your parent to reap the rewards of his or her military service. There are many options available that should make planning easier for everyone involved.