Estate Planning Isn’t Just For The Elderly

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What are your options for home-based long-term care services?

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Perhaps you graduated from college recently and started saving for retirement. With your golden years so far off, you may not think much about long-term care planning. You never know what life may bring your way, so it makes sense to prepare for the unexpected.

The National Institute on Aging explains home-based long-term care service options. Rather than make a major decision during a major life shift, learn more about care options suited for any generation.

Homemaker and personal care services

You do not need a doctor’s permission to use homemaker and personal care services. Healthcare professionals visit your home to help with chores, dressing, bathing and preparing meals. Medicaid need not approve of agencies for them to provide such services.

Home health care

If a person has a specific medical condition, she or he may qualify for home health care. These long-term care service providers help patients bounce back from illness, surgery or accidents. Some home health care professionals specialize in speech, physical and occupational therapy and home health aide services.

Emergency medical alert systems

Emergency medical alert systems users have a bracelet or necklace that summons medical help at the push of a button. Those living alone and patients at risk of falling and hurting themselves often use these long-term care services, which may require paying a monthly fee.

Transportation services

People who need rides to medical appointments, grocery stores, shopping centers and similar places may desire access to transportation services. Depending on the community group or senior housing complex, residents may have access to such services. Some providers require a fee while others transport individuals for free.

By understanding your long-term care services options, you make well-informed decisions. Have a plan to live on your terms, no matter what life brings.