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Finding a compassionate guardian for your disabled child

On Behalf of | Jan 27, 2022 | Special Needs Trusts

Caring for your child with disabilities is something you take seriously and you need someone you trust to take over this responsibility in emergencies. Establishing a guardian as part of your long-term care plan can help you protect your special needs child.

A guardian needs to have the physical and mental capacity to provide quality care. Finding someone that fits your criteria may feel more manageable when you know what characteristics to look for.

Emotional empathy

Because of the unique needs your child has, a caretaker will need to have emotional empathy. You will want to select someone who you know has patience and empathy. According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, children with disabilities may face higher risks of suffering from abuse or neglect. Finding the right person for the job could make a critical difference in the quality of life and life expectancy of your child.

You will also want a guardian who understands your child’s disability. Your child may benefit from regular contact with this individual to ease the transition if something happens to you. An older sibling, a family friend or an extended family member are some examples of who you could choose.

Fiscal responsibility

Planning ahead for your child may also mean establishing a special needs trust. While you can dictate clear guidelines for its usage, you will want a guardian who demonstrates fiscal responsibility. Finding someone who respects that the funds you make available are strictly for financial needs of your child can prevent fraud and misuse.

Your child deserves continued love, compassion and empathy even if you reach a point where you can no longer provide for his or her needs. A trustworthy guardian can help you ensure ongoing support.