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What should I consider when naming a guardian for my kids?

On Behalf of | Mar 11, 2021 | Guardianships

As a parent, you should make sure that you plan for the unfortunate event of your death. If you fail to plan, your child could end up in the foster care system, separated from the people who love him or her.

The best way to plan is to name a guardian in your will. The New York Times suggests doing this as soon as you can since death can and does come unexpectedly and you want to be sure to provide stability for your children.

Choosing a guardian is not always easy. You have a lot you must consider.

Consider all the options

You need to take time to pick a guardian. You want to consider all your options. Think about what you want for your child and what each potential guardian could provide. You should plan for any potential issues and put together a comprehensive plan.

You can always leave information as part of your estate plan to help the guardian. This can help you feel more at ease about naming a guardian, which is something that is difficult because it makes you confront the idea of not being here to raise your child.

Make sure the guardian will do the job

It is essential that whoever you choose to be the guardian agrees to take on the job. You do not want to spring this on someone. A person can refuse to take the responsibility, and if this happens after you die, then it will be much like dying without naming a guardian.

Keep it updated

Make sure to update your guardianship details often as your child ages and things change. You want to be sure it is always current so that it will suit your child at this point in his or her life and the ever-changing concerns you may have for his or her life.