Estate Planning Isn’t Just For The Elderly

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When no long-term care plan exists

On Behalf of | Jan 29, 2019 | Long-term Care Planning

We do not often like to think to far in the future. This means that we are older, our children grow up, careers may come and go and health issues may come up. However, like any adult in New York and elsewhere, it is important to be prepared to deal with the issues that life may bring. Therefore, it is imperative to consider what would happen if we become ill and are no longer to care for ourselves in our old age or incapacitated state.

The importance of developing a long-term care plan is often emphasized; however, what could happen in the event that one did not draft one is not always discussed at full. Oftentimes, when an individual fails to plan of long-term care, this often means that his or her caregiving is left up to a female family member.

Based on a current study, it was discovered that 60 percent of people who have provided care for a loved one stated that they underestimated how demanding it would be. This fact alone helps illustrate the need for entire families to work together to plan and prepare so they are on the same page.

Another study found that 75 percent of people surveyed believe that they will be responsible for the caregiving of a family member in the future. However, 7 in 10 individuals surveyed stated that they were worried about not being able to provide adequate care for their loved ones. It was also determined that women were significantly more likely than men to believe that they would be responsible for long-term care.

In order to take the responsibility off of family members, a long-term care plan can help alleviate some concerns and worries. It can outline what one seeks to happen if they require care in the future. In order to put such a plan in place it is important to consider what this could look like and obtain guidance when necessary.