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Nursing home injuries result in criminal charges

On Behalf of | Jan 12, 2018 | Nursing Home Abuse

When loved ones become too old and frail to care for themselves, their family members are put in a tough position when they must decide how to ensure their elderly loved ones receive proper care. Although some hire home health aides and others allow their elderly loved ones to move in with them, a significant number of people choose to place their loved ones in nursing homes. These institutions are strictly regulated, as they are tasked with a heavy responsibility. Many of these facilities provide appropriate service in a safe environment. Far too often, though, nursing home abuse or negligence leaves innocent residents with serious injuries.

This may be the situation in one case where a nursing home resident suffered two broken legs after a fall. According to reports, the resident, who weighed 400 pounds, was hurt when a nursing assistant attempted to give the patient a bath without assistance. The injuries were suffered after the nursing assistant attempted to turn the resident over to continue washing her and the resident fell off the bed. The combination of the three feet fall and the resident’s weight caused her to suffer two broken legs, which required surgery with the utilization of plates and screws.

The nursing assistant has since been charged with felony neglect of an elderly or disabled person, which could land her in jail. But jail time will do little to ease the damages suffered by the victim. However, victims, like the one in this case, can pursue a civil claim which, if successful, can lead to the recovery of compensation for damages such as pain and suffering and medical expenses.

These matters can be difficult to handle, though, especially when a company such as a nursing home is involved. However, skilled legal professionals are available to assist victims with these claims. By obtaining a consultation, victims can receive guidance with regard to the strength of their case and how to develop the strongest legal arguments possible given the circumstances.