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Consider these tips before choosing a nursing home

On Behalf of | Aug 2, 2017 | Elder Law, Long-Term Care

If you’re trying to choose a nursing home for your elderly mother, it might be the first time you’ve ever had to do this. As such, you’ll be in a new world that you may know nothing about.

If you’re trying to sort through your nursing home options to select the best one for your mom, the following pieces of advice are for you.

Here are some important steps to take when selecting a nursing home:

Remember to talk to people you trust. You probably have some friends who have been through the same situation that you’re currently in. Think of co-workers, friends and relatives who may have needed to find a nursing home for a loved one. These people will no doubt be eager to help you find a good nursing home that provides excellent care.

Doctors, social workers, hospital discharge planners and local support agencies are also great resources to use in your search.

Check out multiple nursing homes. Never go by one choice alone. You might visit one facility and think it’s wonderful, but maybe there’s another one that’s even better. Maybe one nursing home offers activities and services that will be particularly enjoyable and useful considering your mother’s personality and needs.

Remember to select a nursing home that’s convenient. If the nursing home is far away from you, on the other side of town, it will be difficult for you to make regular visits to your mother. On the other hand, if it’s close to your home or on the way to your work, you’ll have more opportunities to spend valuable time with your mom. Also, make sure that the facility has visiting hours that are convenient for you.

Take care and be attentive to all of your mother’s needs. Selecting a nursing home and planning for your mother’s long-term care won’t be easy for you, and it won’t be easy for your mother either. However, when you take the time and care required, your mother will reap the rewards when she has her emotional, psychological and health needs met by a facility that’s the perfect match for her.