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Staying on top of the complex nature of Medicaid

On Behalf of | Jun 6, 2017 | Medicaid Planning

For many New York residents, the costs of living can get higher as they get older. When younger, it can often be the case that living expenses might only consist of apartment rent, heating, electricity, food and so on. But as New York residents get older, they may need to pay for myriad medical expenses, along with nursing home care or in-home care. For these people, oftentimes Medicaid assistance is available to help pay for the thousands of dollars that can result from these types of care.

However, the process of applying for Medicaid is not always so simple. There is a lot to know about the process and oftentimes it takes the expertise and guidance of experienced elder law attorneys. At the Westchester County, New York, firm of Enea, Scanlan & Sirignano, LLP, we are available to help walk you through the process and help you reach your goals. Whether that’s nursing home advice, hospital admittance status, how to transfer a residence and protect your assets, or applying for Medicaid home care, we’re here to help.

Medicaid applications are complex and ever-changing. There are many legislative and regulatory rule changes when it comes to Medicaid. These can affect clients, so we make it one of our main focuses to stay on top of these changes and ensure that our clients are aware of the current landscape.

Plus, there are many details to sort out and deadlines to keep track of. For many, it can be too trying of a task to attempt alone. Thankfully, no one needs to go through this process without help. Let us help you work toward having the best chance of obtaining eligibility quickly and efficiently.